Monday, November 17, 2014

Ant belly

Clint"s preschool teacher called me saying Clint was crying saying he was going to throw up and his stomach hurt. I hurried and rushed to the school, because with Clint's record (can cry hard enough and throw up) I knew weather or not he really was sick he could cry so hard and puke. 
After checking Clint out from school. By the way he hadn't thrown up. We were in the car leaving the parking lot and Clint piped up, "Mom can we watch a movie?"   Sure why not. "And can I have some popcorn?" Stomach huh? 
I asked how he was feeling. He replied, "I feel like an ant!"
Me: "An ant??"
Clint:"Ya an ant! You know how ants have big bellys? Well that's how my belly feels. Big!"
Oh how I love him. 
Of course how can I say no to this cute boy!!
This is what a sick "ant belly" looks like:) 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lauren's princess friends...

Lauren is such a girly girl...that I love. She does however have a big brother to influence her...just a tad. You can usually find Lauren all dolled up in her princess gear usually chasing Zach and the neighborhood boys around with swords and guns. Love that she is so versatile! I was going through pictures and found this one of Lauren's princess toys sharing their dresses with Woody, bugs and alien friends! This just made me laugh! I remember back in Nevada finding these toys Lauren had dressed up! She makes me laugh! As much as I love my kids, I miss when they were just little people...still little people but you know what I mean. I hate to see them grow up! I need to be better at enjoying them now...stop worry about little things! and of course always cherish the sweet memories! (Nov. 2009- Lauren age 4)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jim and Cindy

My Cousin Cindy and Jim were up in Park City on a vacation and stopped by to visit!! It was so fun to see them!! I wish we lived closer! They were so sweet and brought all the kids all new spring outfits! Thanks, we sure love you guys!! Visit again soon and for longer next time!! (Zach was in school and bummed to know he missed their visit!

Clint @ 5 months.

Clint has always since tiny loved watching matter the show. Here he is enjoying himself cuddled up to dad!
So Cute!
Look at those pants about to burst on my baby's belly!

I always love my sweet babies hands and feet. I love how tiny. I figure if I take a picture I will never forget how cute! So sad to see him grow up!

So sweet!

Love the bald spot that he rubbed the hair off! Oh how we love this little man!!

Monday, February 7, 2011


Laisa, Lauren, and Clint

Little Miss Bree

all of us..minus Zach he took the picture. :(

Tim, Laisa and Bree

It was so fun to have the Miller's come visit. We met back in 2006 in So. Pas can't believe it's been that long ago since we lived just a couple doors down in the apartments. Lauren was Bree's age...crazy!! Oh those were such fun days! Game nights many times a week...loved it. Now they live clear across the US in So. Carolina as Tim does his residency. I think you should take a job in UT...fingers crossed! :) We enjoyed catching up, meeting your sweet little girl, and of course playing Settler's!! We sure miss the Miller family and can't wait for the next time we get to visit!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Cousin Shera's Wedding... *(6/18/10)*

My Grandpa and Grandma Lynch with cousin Amy.
My dad and C

My Aunt Gina on the right and the soon to be cousin's hubby.

My Uncle Rick and Shera

My favorite cousin growing up (can I say that?) Danny...we played all the time when we both lived in Kanab. Don't tell but I was going to marry him! :) Haha...I was only 4...come on! and his cute little girley Bailey!

C and daddy.

Me and my cousin Amy I haven't seen for prob 10 years.

Amy and my Grandpa Lynch

My brother Sam and C.

Love this picture!
We went up to Ogden to see my cousin Shera's wedding ceremony. Zach had a baseball game that night so we didn't stay for the reception. The time we did have there was so fun to see my cousins who I played with all the time when I was little. And of course, it was so good to see my Grandpa and Grandma Lynch. I wish I would have gotten more pictures of the bride but she was family!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Point w/ The Lind Fam (8/24/10)

We had a great time going to Thanksgiving Point with the whole Lind family. We started with yummy ice cream you know it's going to be a good time! Then visited all the cute animals. The kids loved riding the horses. I kept telling Zach to slap his horse on the cautious boy didn't find me funny at all! :) Love being able to spend fun family time...the joys of living in Utah!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Our little Clint!!

I can't believe my baby who started like this...(look at tiny leg...the bulb syringe is bigger!)has now turned to this...
Oh how I love this little man! He makes our family complete!! He just makes me laugh and smile when I look at it be while is peacefully asleep or dipping his hands in the toliet... I just love him!!
Things I love about Clint....
*makes the cutest motorboat sound... so cute!
*his cheesy grin that takes up 1/2 his face...gets me every time
*his pudgy hands when he claps...especially when he know he is not supposed to be doing something like climbing the stairs
*favorite things to do are: pull everything out of the cupboards under the sink in bathroom and kitchen
*puts everything around his neck or on his head. Not sure why and a bit funny does it every time!
*another favorite: unroll the entire toilet paper roll and shred it into bits...and snack on it of course!
*throw things down the stairs and watch them...scares me!
*laughs when he hears us laugh...wants be apart of it!
*when he gets excited to see you he crawls full speed putting his head down and running into you without cute!
*takes socks off immediately after they are put on...unless you put shoes on that he can't get off...but the cutest thing is when taking off shoes and socks every time he giggles...he loves bare feet.
*loves to be with them from the window by the cute!
*loves bath time
*loves his mama
*sucks on his upper lip so cute
*loves to take things out of clothes out of draws, toys out of basket and of course loves to climb in after...trying to learn to love putting back too!
*is almost walking...loves to just stand up. when tries to walk he walks on his tippy toes.
*gives the BEST kisses ever! When you say "give me kisses" he will lean into you with a wide mouth kiss...LOVE it! Now is starting to bit with his chompers! (2 teeth on bottom...and top on just broke skin!)
Oh I could go on... and it makes me teary eyed to think of my baby growing up. This is such a great age. I want to freeze him! I love every minute with him and everything about him!! What a great blessing he is to our family! Happy birthday our little motorboat! We love you!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Crazy Hair

It was red ribbon week at the kids school. I think it was a perfect way to get ready for Halloween. At least it got me excited. I secretly wanted to dress up with my kids and spray paint my hair. Being a kid is way too fun!! :) I forgot to take pictures of all the other fun crazy days...but this day was "crazy hair day" These were the colors and hair styles the kids chose! Lauren insisted on a pattern...has been doing patterns in school. So cute!

Pumpkin Carving...

I accidently cut the cat off lauren's pumpkin...but can you really tell?
I always get excited to carve pumpkins at do the kids. Which thinking about it they don't actually do the carving since I am way too paranoid to give my kids a sharp tool...but they still love to picking out their design and scooping out pumpkin guts! We always just carve 2 pumpkins for the kids...this year we had a 3rd...since we now have 3 kids :) ha! So I got to carve Lauren's and Clint's and Gerry carved Zach...much more detail carver I might add! We had a fun night...but I was sad I over baked my pumpkin seeds...those are my favorite...always next year I guess!