Monday, November 17, 2014

Ant belly

Clint"s preschool teacher called me saying Clint was crying saying he was going to throw up and his stomach hurt. I hurried and rushed to the school, because with Clint's record (can cry hard enough and throw up) I knew weather or not he really was sick he could cry so hard and puke. 
After checking Clint out from school. By the way he hadn't thrown up. We were in the car leaving the parking lot and Clint piped up, "Mom can we watch a movie?"   Sure why not. "And can I have some popcorn?" Stomach huh? 
I asked how he was feeling. He replied, "I feel like an ant!"
Me: "An ant??"
Clint:"Ya an ant! You know how ants have big bellys? Well that's how my belly feels. Big!"
Oh how I love him. 
Of course how can I say no to this cute boy!!
This is what a sick "ant belly" looks like:) 

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Jerry and Lyn said...

He is so adorably cute and funny, Love him so much. Granny